To guard the new liberties out-of individuals that are people in an excellent family: 1

To guard the new liberties out-of individuals that are people in an excellent family: 1

Article 68. The fresh new secure and you may monogamous union anywhere between two persons without the almost every other wedding connections who possess a familiar-laws home, to your lapse of time and you will according to the conditions and you will affairs delivered to legally, will take advantage of the same rights and personal debt of them group bound by specialized relationships links.

Post 69. In control motherhood and you can fatherhood will likely be fostered; and the parents are going to be obliged when deciding to take proper care, boost, teach, offer, and supply towards inbuilt creativity and you can safeguards of your rights of its pupils, especially when he is ily possessions try recognized with respect to amount as well as on the cornerstone of your own standards and restrictions considering getting legally. The authority to give in legacy and you may inherit was acknowledged. step three. The official will make sure the equality from legal rights within the decision making towards administration of your own relationship relationship plus the mutual ownership from assets. cuatro. The official should cover mothers, fathers and those who will be the brains of members of the family, in the take action of their debt and you will will pay close attention in order to families that have broken up for whatever reason. 5. The state shall promote the fresh new mutual obligations out-of each other mommy and father and will monitor fulfillment of the mutual duties and you can legal rights ranging from moms and dads, fathers, and kids. 6. eight. Zero report of quality of this new kinship can be requisite during joining brand new delivery without label file shall refer to the type of kinship.

Post 70. The official should draft and implement rules to attain equivalence ranging from people, through the specialized system build legally, and you will shall popular the new gender method for the arrangements and software and should offer technical direction for its necessary enforcement regarding social industry.

Article 71. Character, or Pacha Mama, in which life is recreated and happens, has got the to integral respect because of its lifestyle as well as for the maintenance and you can regeneration of the lifestyle time periods, structure, properties and you will evolutionary processes.

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Most of the persons, organizations, peoples and you will nations can also be call through to personal bodies in order to enforce the newest rights regarding nature. In order to enforce and you will interpret such liberties, the rules established about Constitution is seen, once the suitable.

So it repairs will be aside from the responsibility of the Condition and pure persons otherwise courtroom agencies to pay individuals and you may communities one to count on affected absolute systems

The official will offer bonuses in order to absolute people and you may judge agencies and organizations to safeguard characteristics and also to render respect to possess every facets spanning a planet.

When it comes to those cases of serious otherwise permanent environmental impact, along with those individuals due to the exploitation out-of nonrenewable sheer information, the state shall establish top systems to own restoration and will follow enough measures to avoid otherwise mitigate hazardous ecological outcomes.

Post 73. The official should implement precautionary and you may restrictive actions to the points you to definitely could trigger the latest extinction off variety, the destruction off ecosystems and the long lasting modification away from pure time periods.

Blog post 74. Persons, teams, individuals, and you will regions shall have the directly to enjoy the ecosystem together with absolute money helping these to gain benefit from the long distance out of life.

Environment characteristics shall never be susceptible to appropriation; the production, birth, fool around with and creativity shall be regulated of the County.

De- legal rights, without any consideration supplied to kinship or adoption background

Article 75. Everybody gets the to free use of fairness and you can new energetic, unbiased and you may expeditious cover of their rights and passions, susceptible to the rules out of instantaneous and quick administration; when you look at the zero circumstances will here be diminished best shelter. Incapacity so you can stay glued to courtroom rulings would be punishable for legal reasons.

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